“You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga, you just have to be willing to shake the dust off and see what happens.” David Goo

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga postures are a great way to prepare the body for meditation. Yoga is not only rejuvenating for the body but also for the brain. Yoga postures were actually designed to systematically prepare the body to meditate, though with much of the yoga available nowadays, the link to meditation is rarely mentioned.
Meditation and yoga are interrelated. They are both part of the Eight Limbs of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. They go hand in hand. They work together to unite our small self with our higher soul self. One cannot be present without the other. We need to be aware of the body in order to forget about it, in order to go inward in meditation.
Where the breath flows, the mind goes. In yoga and in meditation, we can raise our consciousness. Yoga helps us to bring the body to a point of stillness by clearing away the restless energy we carry around, and prepares us to become fully immersed in deep concentration, meditation. Yoga, like chanting, can help open our hearts and allow the energy to flow upwards, to the higher chakras and higher consciousness.
Meditation is a necessity in our multifaceted lives, and yet it doesn’t come easily for most people. People want to try it, but they find it is more difficult than they ever imagined. How hard can it be?! Sitting up straight takes muscles that that we may not use, and that may take time to develop. Maybe we sit at a desk all day long, but our back is hunched over the computer. Sitting up straight and still may feel quite uncomfortable.

Thereupathic yoga

The moment you hear the  ‘Therapeutic yoga’, it is sure to raise one of the two reactions. One would be – what? Isn’t all yoga therapeutic? The second would be – I am not sick so I don’t need it! But the fact is that therapeutic yoga is the newest kid on the block! It is what everyone in the fitness circle is talking about! So, is your interest piqued? Well, don’t worry! We have all the answers, right here at StyleCraze!
What Is Therapeutic Yoga? 
Therapeutic yoga is an adaptation of yoga that applies yogic principles and methods to heal various human ailments. It is a blend of restorative yoga, gentle yoga, breath work, meditation and chakra stimulation. Therapeutic yoga is preventive as well as restorative. It is among the most effective complementary therapies for various illnesses and diseases according to many medical studies.
What Diseases Does Therapeutic Yoga Focus On?
Here is the list of common ailments that are benefited by specific therapeutic programs:

How It Works

For thousands of years, yoga has been acclaimed for its healing and therapeutic properties. But, it is only now that yoga therapy is gaining momentum as a separate discipline recognized by science and medical research. Here are the basic tenets of therapeutic yoga:

The Difference

Therapeutic yoga focuses on specific and individual needs. It actively works on ways to heal and improve the conditions, illness or injury. While regular yoga is broader and encompasses the whole being, therapeutic yoga is more target specific and works towards healing that particular ailment.

Self Knowledge

Yoga brings the mind, body and spirit in harmony and leads to self-awareness and enlightenment through meditation. Therapeutic yoga uses this to help recognize what actually is wrong in the body and how to get rid of it completely.

Yogic Philosophy

According to ancient yoga philosophy, humans consist of an integrated mind-body-soul system. For optimum health and well-being, this system must be in balance and harmony. Therefore a yogic approach to therapy and healing is holistic including postures for the body, pranayama for the internal systems, meditation and energy work for the mind and hormonal health.

Physical System

It is believed that every ailment is caused due to some kind of blockage in the internal energy system of the body. Yoga promotes the flow of prana in the body. It helps in clearing the blockages by stimulating the nadis.

Psychological System

Like the energy system is spread throughout the body, our psyche is believed to be spread along different centers. These centers are called chakras. Each chakra is related to your nerves, endocrine gland, different organs and many different psychic qualities. The blockages in these chakras lead to psychological and somatic disorders. By awakening the chakras, these blockages can be removed. Therapeutic yoga can heal various psychosomatic disorders through energy work and meditation.

Twofold Approach

The approach adopted by therapeutic yoga is twofold – prevention and restoration. It aids in the recovery from physical and mental illnesses. Then it works on preventing it from occurring again. To do so requires a deep understanding of the human body. It also requires a deep knowledge of yoga and its techniques. Therefore, it is important to consult a yoga therapist for this. Yoga therapists hold very small group classes or private sessions because therapeutic yoga requires individual attention

Therapeutic Yoga Sessions

There is no set sequence or exclusive set of therapeutic yoga asanas. Therapeutic yoga varies on the basis of ailments and different individuals. Some people use pillows and yin yoga for therapy and some include more meditative and energy work.
Therapeutic yoga is not just another passing fad. It encompasses the wisdom that is centuries old. So, the next time you are down and out, make an appointment with a yoga therapist for a holistic healing experience!
Hope now you got an idea on what is therapeutic yoga exactly.

What we do?

We do-
  • Individual & Group yoga Sessions, 
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  • Corporate yoga sessions.
We also do-
  • Yog Nidras for deep relaxation.
  • Antar Mouna meditations for self-understanding.
  • Chakra Meditations for Mind-Body balance & Alignment.
  • Various other Meditation & Visualization and Mindfulness Meditation techniques (Check Mindfulness section for more information) to remove Stress & Tensions.
We can tailor make courses for Individuals, seniors, Children, Corporates, Women.
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