Family, Relationship & Success 

We all agree that a strong & supportive family is needed to fight all odds in life. It is inconsequential if the day has been unfavorable, or people acted rude and problems have been loads, just the smiling face of parents, spouse and children can help us stay balanced physically, mentally and emotionally.

Sometimes we assume that trust and support comes naturally (except parents, sometimes that too needs reciprocation) then it’s a misconception, these are built over the years with careful nurturing and putting in time.

What is a family?

Family is a group of people who are related to each other and share an emotional bond and similar values.
In present days families are of different kinds — nuclear (a couple and their children), joint (a couple, their children, grandchildren), blended (a couple, their children, and children from their previous marriages), etc.

How important are family relationships?

Heard a few people arguing-
That they don’t require it..but as a social beings we essentially require family and community to survive..

Family is mini version of our society. It is important for our mental & physical growth, well-being, and stability all put together, a place where all members can feel safe and connected to one another. Family also provides us with the comfort of having people by our side during tough times, helping us to manage our stress .Its our family which makes us feel safe, protected, accepted and loved despite our shortcomings, not to forget family are the basic units that teach children about relationships.

Most children brought up in a healthy family will be able to form better bonds outside their home and will be successful in building trust, with others, even conflicts in family teach children a respectful way to resolve problems in the future. Strong family makes person become successful & confident in life.

My few pointers to create strong family bondings & relationships-

Each family is different. But all strong families have some common features. A few of them can be-

  • Keep the communication going at all times. A healthy family talks and listens to each member. It encourages adults and children alike to have a say in the decision making, share their opinions, or talk about their expectations and disappointments.

  • Share a feeling of togetherness. The members of the family share common beliefs and, therefore, feel connected to each other. This sense of similarity yields psychological affirmation and one has the satisfaction of being together with like-minded people.
  • Spend fun time with each other regularly. Do make sure to have at least one meal together every day and enjoy playing, camping, dining out or simply discussing politics. Involve in each other’s lives but know where to draw a line.
  • Show care and affection to every member. The members of the family should support and have kind words to say to each other. They should accept each other unconditionally but guide us on to the right path if we are deviating. With their care and affection, they make us feel grounded.
  • Lead by example. When elders follow what they teach the younger members of the family, the change is visible. The value system is set up best by example.
  • Support its members. The world might be against us, but its family which supports us in our good and bad times they stand with us in our decisions. A well-knit family does not discriminate between family members and responds to everybody’s needs.
  • Helps in crisis situations as an opportunity to grow and strive to see something positive in all circumstances, helping us to cope with adverse situations without getting overwhelmed.
  • Well-being for its members. The family members work as a team to protect and provide for each other. Only the feeling of mutual love can motivate people into compromising on their comforts for the happiness of their family.
  • Resilience. Every family goes through ups and downs in their lives and shares painful experience together. But no distressing experience loosens the bond. It’s the family which teaches us loyalty.

We need to remember that all these virtues, like professional success, of having a strong family and stronger relationships, do not come overnight. We need to work hard in cohesion together for years to build a understanding, and supportive family.

If you have any issues and questions regarding families or relationships, do connect with me.

Ending it with something I believe completely in.


“Family is like branches on tree, we all grow in different directions yet our root remains as one”.



Have a wonderful life & be happy.




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