Eight tested ways to create strong family connections.

When we talk about families and relationships, we go beyond countries and geographical demarcations.


Societies & Families are the building blocks of any future successful existence of humans.

We may define family as a group of people who are related to each other, but it’s more than that. It’s a meaningful connection, an experience. It’s an incredible and unbreakable bond…created by mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, wife and children. It is comfort in a world of uncertainty, a shoulder to lean on and a constant source of inspiration, love and support.

Eight ways to create strong lasting relationships and unbreakable bonds are-

1. Spending quality time

Set aside some time (maybe meal times) every day as family time, when you can talk about things and laugh together.

Share family stories or ask everyday simple things to encourage conversation, such as “Hey, what did you do today at work?”, “How are you finding your karate teacher?”

Set aside one-on-one chat time for everyone in the family to foster your bond. It can merely be five minutes before going to bed, but this can bring every member close to one another.

Set some time apart exclusively for your partner.

2. Maintaining good communication with everyone in the family

When your children or spouse want to talk, respect their need and listen to them with attention. Give them enough time to express themselves properly.

Be approachable to talk about difficult things. Talking about feelings like anger or frustration or delicate issues should be welcomed instead of shunning them. Talking about them doesn’t mean you are encouraging them but are helping solve the problem.

Be ready for a spontaneous conversation with kids. They often talk about their feelings before going to bed or in the shower. Listen to them.

Be prepared to talk about matters of concern, especially with teenagers. Families find it difficult to discuss sex, alcohol, drugs or finances with the younger members. However, it is through a conversation that you can address such matters.

Encourage non-verbal conversation through simple gestures like a warm kiss on the forehead every night before your children go to bed. It can relay your love to them.

3. Appreciating everyone in the family.

Appreciate every member for performing their duties well. For example, praising and thanking a teenager for taking care of a younger sibling will make them feel important.

4. Acknowledging and celebrating each other’s talents, differences and strengths.

A good family always cherishes the uniqueness of each of its members and acknowledges their abilities and strengths. At the same time, they help each other correct their shortcomings.

5. Staying focused on the present problem.

Do not bring up previous issues every time you have to address a problem. In that way, you can avoid unpleasantness and instead, focus on the issue at hand.

6. Working like a team

When family works as a team, every member feels acknowledged for their contribution. Sharing household chores. Allowing little children to participate in chores like picking up their toys or putting their shoes back, with a point system which brings them special treats later helps.

7. Establishing clear family rules

Make family rules that clearly mention how every member should behave and treat each other. Example, “We talk respectfully with everyone in our family,” or “In our family, we help each other no matter what.” Such small but clear rules can make the family bond together stronger and be peaceful.

8. Teaching children to forgive and make amends

Healthy families teach its members how to apologize, and forgive others when someone makes a mistake. It helps children to take responsibility for their actions.

Most of us value our families but may not be aware of the significance of advancing our family ties. It takes time, dedication and hard work to raise a successful and happy family. But it is all worth the efforts.


Have a wonderful, mindfully successful month. Will connect with you all soon again.


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