3 Steps for Mental Calmness

My 3 steps to keep Mental Calm & Clarity

*Slowing down is the need of the hour, but mind takes over the load and overworks, being aware, helps.

*Engaging in healthy practices of keeping the body in momentum, whatever way is possible will help.

*Following a regular set routine as a necessity can take the load off from both Mind & Body.

Any type of therapy, sharing your thoughts, daily stretches & exercises, yoga & meditation and religious and spiritual practices are good starting points, we can also try the healing impacts of making art, listening to music or singing, journaling and being useful to others. All can be extremely therapeutic too.

“While we can’t drive fear off with a big stick, we can learn ways to calm ourselves down and find a little peace of mind. Action is powerful, even if we start with just one small thing.”

Let’s try not to make Stress, Anxiety & Fearfulness become another pandemic.
Amidst stressful times, it is important to try to manage our own anxiety and do our best not to pass it on to others. But most important thing is to not to let fear start leading us into an isolation of the mind, or to stop us from acting with Clarity, Compassion and Courage. Terrible things happen, but it is still possible to move forward with Love, Kindness & Hope.

Stay Home, Stay Safe.


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