About Us

You are entering a Stress Free All Zone. 

Here, in Stress Free All, we believe that its not the stress which creates problems and breaks us down but the way we carry it and deal with it.  

Our Mission

At SFA, our mission is to help people be more self aware internally & externally. To deeply understand that bringing small shifts in their way of thinking can create that success & happiness which we all are craving for.

Here In Stress Free All, we celebrate individual uniqueness & focus on empowering the greatest possible potential.

Our founder Reenu Sahore, imagined Stress Free All, to be a place where nothing should be impossible as far as we have a deep willingness to explore and work on it. Her deep belief that everyone is born with unique gifts and talents, realizing that is the first step towards happiness & being stress-free.


PCC, MBSR, MBCT, NLP, Positive Psy.

Executive Life & Emotional Wellbeing Coach 

I believe that life is about experiencing things. I believe you are stronger than you think you are. I believe life is never in a straight line. If you think, you are a kindred spirit, let’s connect.  

Unfortunately, too many people go through life without the understanding of that unique gift that only they have received to contribute it to the world.
Whether you are a stay home mom who is ready to reinstate in the professional world or want to create Work-life balance. A individual, who need to find a way to succeed in your present job, or feel stagnated and want a change in the profession or maybe a fresh graduate trying to find the perfect job,
Whatever issues you may be going through…
We would love to connect with you and help you discover your true potential & your path to stressfree & successful life.
Give yourself the opportunity to know yourself a bit better & us to support you in helping you do that in your life journey…