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Stress Free All is here to support individual & groups at every level in becoming who they want to be. Coaching builds awareness empowers choices and leads to change. You may be struggling with setting & achieving goals, creating & maintaining relationships or an unwanted job scenario, facing burnout with other external or internal pressures. We are here to walk with you in your life journey to keep you focused, supported & help you achieve your best possible.


Our intention is to help conscious people & organisations along with their journey to achieve success with awareness, responsibly and mindfully. In today’s complicated, fast-paced, hyper-connected, and often overwhelming world, it can be difficult to find perspective, to focus on what’s actually important and not just what is urgent. We are passionate about bringing more meaning, motivation and inspiration into people’s lives with our individual or group program “Pause, Reflect, Enjoy.”

Well Being

Our Wellness program aims to help people to adopt and maintain healthy habits & behaviour. With the right education, right exercise, skills, motivation, and social support, anyone can achieve desired physical & mental behaviours, which can help in lowering health risks, fewer diseases and a well-balanced mind & body. We believe in motivating individuals, organisations, parents and families to create a sense of meaning & purpose in life, which makes each day worth living for.


Whether its for employees at work, home, or traveling, our highly engaging, mental health, wellbeing, mindfulness & self-awareness webinars cover a wide range of topics that will help people to achieve optimal benefits & powerful take-away actions designed to leave them feeling empowered, positive, and action-focused.


We do participate in a few yearly events which are open to individuals to join in and get benefited by them. You can check them out in the ‘Events’ section, such as Gess Education Fair, Mental Health Awareness week, Wellness Expo, HR events & more.

Yoga & Meditation

We all know that Stress leaves us feeling anxious, tense, and worried. Stressfreeall  can help you with ‘Therapeutic Yoga” which has elements of meditation as a connection between Mind, Body and Breath & helps in natural Stress release and a better health.

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About Me

Executive Life & Emotional Wellbeing Coach 

PCC MBCT MBSR NLP Positive Psy. 

Reenu is the founder of Stress Free All & Mindfulness Magic. She believes that empowering and supporting individuals & groups, who want to achieve their full potential, is an absolute necessity for community development. Positive Psychology & Mindfulness work ethics can bring a huge change & success in life & beyond. 

Coaching with Reenu has been one of the most amazing decisions of my life. I have never got a chance to be myself & completely let go, having someone to share everything, emotions, thoughts, and feelings are inexplicable. She equipped me with the tools that I needed to deal with the challenges I was facing and to decide what I really require to do in that situation. I am now living a life that I love and will continue to utilize what I learned from my coaching for life. Thank you so much Reenu.

David Branson

PR Executive

Thank you for both your coaching and the lively, worthwhile workshop session you provided for me. You helped me both personally and professionally, which is important for my relationship and work success.

Nia Jaiswal


I would like to thank you for the coaching you have given me. Your style and method is very effective, helping me to refocus my energies and find some major goals in my busy life. You made me realize the importance of focusing on the right things at the right time.

Chandni Walia



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Mindfully Conscious Parenting-Makes all the difference

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Life is a matter of Choices

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