Well Being

Wellbeing can be described as, “The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy”.


It does not stop at that, there is much more behind the definition. All of us have our own strengths and weaknesses and can be more content, healthier, or happier in some parts of our lives than in others. If we feel we are not performing well at work or otherwise, it may have a negative impact on other areas, hence hinders overall wellbeing. You could call it perception or it could be a reality.

Improving wellbeing will be personal for each one of us and focusing on specific areas that one needs to address, and their outcomes may differ for everyone.

As an example, an individual can have a great job and financial security, but their relationship with parents may be terrible which has a negative impact on their life. Or you may be trying to overcome loss of a loved one, which may create a terrible impact on your state of mind, fitness, and ability to concentrate. Goals may be the same but outcome will be different for everyone.

Wellbeing means being in a state of contentment, happiness, and healthiness in all areas of an individual’s life, from relationships, to career to financial security.

Living in a state of well-being means

 • Life has a meaning

 • Having a sense of purpose

• Controlled stress levels

• Productive contributing member of society

• Physically and Mentally healthy and strong

What is a Wellbeing Coach?

Wellbeing coach is a professional coach who takes a holistic approach to helping clients live healthy and fulfilled lives. Rather than focusing on one area of a problem, they work with their clients to identify difficulties or issues in all areas of their life.

A Wellbeing coach will help create and implement a holistic wellbeing program and be on hand to ensure you are motivated, energised and inspired to carry out the requisite actions. It is important to note that although a coach will guide and assist you, it is down to you to implement and follow through with the program to achieve the desired outcomes. In other words, a Coach cannot help if you, the client, haven’t bought into the plan and won’t take the necessary action.

What areas can a Wellbeing coach help with? 

Well being encompasses all of these areas and being in aligned and healthy state in every aspect of life. A well being coach will help you silence that inner voice that constantly tells you all things you can’t do and help you replace that sound track with positive thoughts and self belief.


Career related issues

Is it time to look for a new direction?


Are you unhappy in your current relationship?


Do you need to look at implementing exercise and healthy eating?

Do you feel you need to lose some weight?

Mental & Emotional Health

Are you lacking in self-confidence or are there other areas of concern?


Do you need to ‘take control’ of your life on your terms?

Lack of Focus or direction

Do you feel you have somehow lost your way?

All the above are often dealt with in isolation with a belief that solving one issue will have positive effect on any other problems. 

The special expertise of a well-being coach lies in recognizing the interconnectivity of all areas in their client’s life and helping them to create a program and lifestyle that enables people to live a life of positivity and happiness.