Being stressful during prepregnancy is a common thing and happens with every second women (we are talking here of the day to day pregnancy stress, there are different ways to deal with other more serious problems during pregnancy and related stress)

The ideal way to manage stress when you are going through pregnancy is to remember to breathe consciously.

Is it easy to do that?

If it would have been that easy to stay calm during pregnancy no women would go through it.

Many may think this is not helpful but it indicates the main misunderstanding about stress.

Stress is not something that happens to you that you have to endure.

Stress is not a feeling or experience that is a result of your pregnancy. Stress is a result of how you think about what is happening around you during your pregnancy.

These tips may help hugely if you dwell into them consciously.

1. Knowing your own mind and talking about the stress giving thoughts will help hugely.

You do not need to rely on your doctor or relatives as much as yourself in finding out the reasons, you are the best person to determine what you need the most at that moment.

How pressurising your work is?

How much you require rest during different phases of your pregnancy? and

What you should eat which helps during these times?

Constantly keeping updated with the right information and making and working with some schedule will be beneficial.

2. Keeping the communication going with your partner and a few close family & friends will release your tensions day to day.

If you don’t tell them, they will not know what you require, your feelings or needs and if someone doesn’t know how they can help, how can they.

3. Joining a group on social media chat group with other ladies going through a similar situation. 

Learning about different semesters will hugely help in reducing stress during pregnancy.

4. Being kind to yourself and give permission to indulge once in a while.

Allow yourself a long soak in the bath with soothing music. Give yourself time each day to rest & relax without feeling guilty, you deserve it for you yourself & a beautiful life you will bring in this world.

5.Try out complementary therapies or relaxation meditation to soothe your stressed nerves.

Many complementary therapies are safe to try during pregnancy. Many pregnancy specific foot massage, yoga, meditation may help and calm the tired, overthoughtful mind, whatever works for you.

Hope these tips are helpful, you may connect with me for any specific issues, related to pregnancy or post pregnancy stress.

Have a blissful day.